Anna Morgenstern

Bridging Continents in Finance
A Journey from London to Dubai

A Pinnacle of Excellence

Exceptional Academic Background

Versatile Skill

Leadership and Strategic Vision

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Anna Morgenstern: Pioneering Excellence in Global Finance

Anna Morgenstern, as the founder of Morgenstern LLC, is significantly impacting the financial sector through her exceptional achievements. She is originally from London but has established her remarkable reputation as a Managing Director at Morgenstern LLC in Dubai UAE which was not that easy. During her professional career, she earned numerous awards, including the UAE Financial Markets Association’s Certificate of Appreciation and Best Foreign Exchange Provider for the UAE. She has also been honored as the Wall of Fame in American University of Sharjah. She completed DBA in Finance and Investment from Ain Shams University which serves as a witness to her outstanding academic achievement. While speaking Arabic and English with ease, Anna has successfully navigated global financial markets.

Her Childhood and Schooling

“Academic Journey: From London to Sharjah”

Anna Morgenstern was born in London on February 12, 1982, . She had early academic promise and a natural curiosity about the financial industry. She finished her secondary school studies in 2000 from the Investment Management School in London due to her inquisitiveness. Then further, Anna continued her studies at the American University of Sharjah, where she studied from 2000 to 2004 in order to expand her interest, and earned her graduation degree with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). She was honored for her academic achievement when she was added to the university’s Wall of Fame.

Higher Education and Accreditation

In 2006, Anna gained a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, and solidified her strong educational background. But she was eager to learn and get an extensive knowledge in the finance sector that is why in 2012, she earned a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Ain Shams University and expanded her abilities in finance and investing. She is not only fluent in speaking Arabic and English but also has studied a lot of specialist courses, such as Trade Finance and Technical Analysis, and she graduated with degrees from prestigious universities in the UAE and Cyprus. Her acquisition of the ACI dealing certificate from ASTC Training Centre in 2009 and leadership training from Harvard and Hult University in 2012 further demonstrated her commitment to lifelong learning.

Anna Morgenstern: Trailblazing in Financial Leadership

Exemplary Performance and Recognition

Anna’s career began with remarkable achievements, including being honored as the Employee of the Month during her tenure at the Dubai Financial Market. This acknowledgment underscores her exceptional performance and commitment to excellence early in her financial career.

Strategic Leadership and Organizational Optimization

In 2011, Anna founded Morgenstern LLC, a pivotal moment in her career. As Financial Advisor and Managing Director, she demonstrated strategic leadership, optimizing financial procedures in the Dubai Department of Finance’s Airport Financing Company. Her contributions in reporting variances and budget creation underscore her influential role in financial management.

Accomplishments and Verdict

There is no denying Anna’s contributions to the financial sector. The UAE Financial Markets Association honored her for her participation in the Morocco conference and gave her certificates of appreciation for her performance in working committees. She also accomplished a recognition as the United Arab Emirates’ Best Foreign Exchange Provider.


Impact on her Personal and Professional Levels

Anna started her journey as a London student at the Investment Management School and reached at a stage becoming a renowned figure in Dubai’s financial markets and this prosperous journey demonstrates her dedication to quality and ongoing development. Having fluency in Arabic and English, Anna crosses cultural and commercial borders that significantly impacts the global financial world. Her professional background has become a witness to her commitment, proficiency, and guidance within the financial industry.